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Aurum the Wolfish

This image is a creature project for my class at Vanas(, where we needed to come up with a creature design and the teacher gave as tips and pointers on how to improve while we brought it to the finished results. This was the first time I tried to handle hair in this way, but I think overall it came out nicely. The colours were inspired by a gold fish, I think overall it reads ok, for the future though Ill be looking at breaking up the colours more and giving my work more visual interest.

I love hearing feedback and Critique on my work, so If you have some input please leave a comment.
Thank you for viewing ;D

Travis clarke term 2 class 7 3

Final Wolf colour and value

Travis clarke term 2 class 6 3

Re draw, to better define creature shape and proportion

Travis clarke term 2 class 6 2

Original value pass, the overall shape was not working for me.

Travis clarke term 2 class 5 5

Wolf D tail fin tests.

Travis clarke term 2 class 5 3

Wolf/ creature thumbnails